10 secret tattoo spots that employers won’t care about

Secret as long as you’re wearing something of course! You can flaunt these tattoos when you wear a bikini or strapless top or an off shoulder and so on. Though nobody bats an eye at tattoos these days, but there are certain establishments which frown on tats. There are certain spots on the body where you can get a tattoo and they can be easily hidden when you’re at work. You’ll be spared the unapproving gaze of your employers and no one will guess what’s underneath that prim and proper shirt!

Back Of The Neck Tattoos

Back Of The Neck Tattoos

Neck tattoos can easily be hidden if you get one on the back of the neck. It’s very easy to hide as you can just let down your long hair, cover up with a scarf, high collars and strategic pieces of jewelry.


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