10 Signs Of An Emotionally Abusive Relationship – Are You In One?

Abuse in any form is intolerable. The definition of abuse is any behavior which humiliates, intimidates and demeans you. It corrodes your self-worth and destroys your confidence and you start doubting yourself. Physical abuse can be seen but emotional abuse can creep up on you. Most women do not even know that they are the victim of emotional abuse. Emotional abuse is psychologically damaging, with the victims blaming themselves. Let’s see what the warning signs are:


  1. The constant criticism / disapproval:

This is the most confusing and hurtful aspect as your partner finds fault with everything you do. There’s just no pleasing such a person, even though you may try your best to please. Trying to gain the approval of such a person is pointless and his behavior makes you question everything you do.

2. Public shaming:

His disapproval of you is not limited to the privacy of your home, which is not acceptable, but he will shame you in public. Pointing out your flaws in public id degrading and it may lead to depression. It harms your personality and your self-esteem takes a hit.


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