10 Signs Of An Emotionally Abusive Relationship – Are You In One?


6. Belittling you:

Everyone has flaws, including him and you. The beauty of a relationship is when we are able to help each other overcome our flaws. But constantly pointing out your flaws without any constructive advice is belittling. You don’t need someone to tell you “what’s wrong with you”. There’s nothing wrong with you. He will make fun of your dreams and ambitions too, making you feel as if they’re impossible to achieve.

7. Threatening behavior:

He will try to intimidate you by screaming at you at the slightest opportunity. If you don’t agree with him is reason enough. No two people can think alike all the time. The constant fear of being shouted at if you express your opinion is reason enough to get out of the relationship, before you lose your own personality. He does not give you your space and will constantly monitor your movements. He will try to control your finances too, by convincing you that you cannot be trusted to make the right financial decisions.

8. Withholding affection:

Your partner punishes you by withholding affection if you do something he disapproves. This is totally unacceptable. He tries to make you feel insecure until you get to the point that you agree with your partner on everything.


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