10 Signs Of An Emotionally Abusive Relationship – Are You In One?


9. False accusations:

You are under pressure always to “prove” your love. Your partner keeps making false accusations which are very difficult for you to “un-prove” as he’s not willing to listen.

10. He thinks he’s too good for you:

He makes you think that you’re not good enough for him. He lets you know that he could do better and you should be thankful that you’re with him.

Kick that s** to the curb, we say, before it’s too late. To have a fulfilling and loving relationship, there has to be mutual respect. If your partner displays any or all of the behavior described above, you need to think about your relationship again. And don’t be sacred to take the necessary steps to get out of this emotionally abusive relationship.

Watch this excellent video by Kati Morton on emotional abuse:

Source: YouTube / Kati Morton


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