12 Emotions We Feel But Can’t Explain


4. Ellipsism:

This is a hypothetical conversation you play out in your head over and over. Probably when you had an argument with someone, and you go over it again and again, till you come out ahead, or have the best response. Or maybe you want to propose to someone and go over the different responses the person may have, and how you would respond. Or maybe you want to ask your boss for a raise and playing out the scene and conversation in your head.

5. Opia:

Opia is the intense feeling of arousal you experience when looking at someone. Many studies have been conducted on regarding eye contact and it has been found that direct eye contact is indeed arousing. Of course, when it’s two people who are attracted to each other, it is pleasant but if not, then it can also be perceived as a threat.

7. Enouement:

It’s the feeling of wishing to go back in the past and tell your past self about the future. When something has turned out well, you wish you could go back in time and tell your younger self that everything is going to be ok.


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