This 12 Year Old Girl Shocked Simon Cowell!

We always loved America’s Got talent but now it’s even better with Simon Cowell as one of the judges. Simon can be relied upon to add some spice to the happenings due to his personality and cut-throat remarks. He’s been in the news always as reality TV’s ultimate villain because of his bluntness. But he’s adopted a much softer approach after becoming a father in 2014.

He’s still a little grumpy and hard to please and has the knack to spot incredible talent. So when he asked a 12-year old “you believe you can win?” the girl, Grace Vanderwaal responded “miracles can happen”. And she proceeded to stun everyone with her original composition!

She played the ukulele with the song titled “I Don’t Know My Name” and shocked everybody by her brilliance, and Howie Mendell immediately awarded her the golden buzzer. And what was Simon’s reaction? Watch the video to see for yourself!

Source: YouTube / America’s Got Talent

Yep! Simon said “You could be the next Taylor Swift!”