15 things that happen when your BFF dates a jerk

You want the best for your BFF, especially when it comes to a boyfriend. And if he turns out to be jerk, you’re in uncharted territory. You are in a share in a dilemma whether to confess to your friend that you think he’s the worst, or just keep mum and hope she will realize her mistake before it’s too late. How do you deal with this tricky situation?



1.You’re trying to be polite to him when you meet him for the first time. You rack your brains trying to think of ways to tell her without her hating you for it. You hardly know what you’re eating!


2.You tell her after dinner what you think of him, hoping for the best. After all, she might hate you more if you keep mum.


3.You make sure he gets to know your opinion about him – looking at him judgmentally when he’s taking a peek at the mirror. Or does something equally idiotic to prove he’s the douche bag you think he is.


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