3 Reasons Why Cucumber is Beneficial for Beauty

Cucumber has many benefits for health, that is a known fact. Now, dermatologists are saying that it’s good for skin too. It has Vitamin C and Caffeic acid which reduces inflammation and irritation and because of it’s high water content, hydrates the skin. The peel contains silica, which firms up sagging skin.  People with the most sensitive skin can also use cucumber safely. Given below are the three ways in which cucumber can be used as a remedy for your skin.


1. Reduces puffiness of eyes. Just cut the cucumber into round slices and put them over your eyes. And if they’re cold, even better. They act like mini ice packs which reduces the puffiness of the lids. Cucumber contains flavonoids and anti-oxidants which decreases swelling, redness and irritation. Cucumber provides a cooling effect which helps shrink dilated blood vessels, which reduces puffy eyes.



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