3 ways to upgrade your pony tail

I love a pony tail – it gives a clean look and for work, I tie my hair in a pony tail, most of the time. That’s why when I came across these 3 easy styles to upgrade my look, I had to share it with you. They hardly take any time and what’s more, runway models have been favoring these new pony tail styles. Read on to find out more:

  1. Doubling up:

1Doubling up

Image source: Erin Baiano for Beauty.com

This style is great for the summer as it keeps the hair off the back of your neck. The photo says it all: all you have to do create this pony tail style is:

  • Secure you hair with a clear elastic after smoothing your hair right between your temples.


  • Then at the nape, tie elastic around your hair. Tug your hair gently between the two elastics to loosen it up.


  • Spray your hair with a texturizing spray for added volume.


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