We picture a depressive person as one who’s in bed the whole day, refuses to meet people and is not interested in life anymore. You’d be surprised to know that there are many among us who are suffering from depression, but they might not even know it. They are successful in their chosen fields, but might be doing everything with a sense of apathy, finding no joy in what they do. They may have ‘perfect’ lives and power through life but unknown to them, they are extremely vulnerable. Let’s take a look at 4 signs of high-functioning depression which might help us and our loved ones:


Image source: hiredpower.com

  1. Being Over Critical Of Oneself:

High functioning depressives are over-achievers. They expect a lot from themselves and they push themselves beyond a point which is no longer healthy. They constantly beat themselves up for having fallen short, according to them.

2. Work Is A Grind:

Work is no longer a pleasure – it becomes a heavy load. But since they are over-achievers, they will bear the burden of the load and get to the top. But it does take a toll on them and the pressure and stress is too much to bear.


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