4 Ways To Select Clothes According To Body Type

You want to buy that gorgeous dress hanging on the mannequin which you think will look good on you too. Or that dress which looked so awesome on your favorite celeb. But when you try them out, they seem to either hang on you or stick to you in weird places. This is because the dress and your body type do not complement each other. It’s very simple to choose dresses based on your body type, once you know your body type.

Take a look at the type of clothes each body type should choose:

  1. If you’re apple shaped:


You should try to draw attention away from your waist and mid0section, so go for dresses that cover your belly area and reach till the hips. Wrap dresses, V-neck empire waist tops and dresses and A-lines work best for you. Ruches tops, layered tops and tunics are also good options. Avoid bulky tops, double breasted jackets and clingy materials and dresses. Boot cut pants with back pockets will look better on you than straight leg pants and skinny jeans. Belts can be worn just below the waist rather than the waist.


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