5 A-List Stars Who Hate Being Famous

These stars have it all – million dollar paychecks and a glamorous lifestyle jetting all over the globe, holidaying in the most expensive and exotic places. Ordinary mortals like us look at them and think they have it made…there could be nothing that they could want for. We don’t see the price they have to pay for it, the sacrifices they make – personal space, privacy and just doing normal everyday things that we take for granted. Some stars revel in the non-stop limelight, but others really hate the lack of any privacy and have publicly gone on record sharing their stories about the downside of fame.

  1. Johnny Depp

johnny depp

Johnny Depp undoubtedly loves the perks that come with fame but he has also expressed his unhappiness about its restrictions. He told Today, he’s never really gotten used to being famous. He said that it’s like “living like a fugitive”. His life is all about strategy, he explained. He has to strategize his every move, every entry and exit out of a hotel or restaurant. As for family life, he says “If I want to take my kids to the mall or walk through Disneyland or … just walk the streets even, that’s out of the question. It just doesn’t exist anymore.” Well, Johnny, we do understand…but those millions of dollars you’ve earned are not be sneezed at either! And you are living the dream!


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