5 Mouth-Watering Food Memoirs You’ll Run Out To Buy

Food lovers will love to sink their teeth in these fantastic food memoirs. Tales of how a little boy who learnt cooking from his mother became one of the world’s leading chefs will grip your interest. There’s the young wife and lonely retiree who cooks delicious meals for her while teaching her life lessons.


The story of a family who decide to leave their Parisian life and settle in a small provincial French village is peppered with recipes you’ll love. Read on to find out more about these books, we’re sure you’ll want to go out and buy them immediately!

    1. 32 Yolks: From My Mother’s Table to Working the Line  by Eric Ripert with Veronica Chambers


Image source: amazon.com

The renowned chef behind New York’s La Bernadin recounts his journey from his mother’s kitchen to being of one of the most reputed chefs in the world. The kitchen was his refuge from an abusive step-father and here, under his mother’s wing his passion for food was ignited. His brutal childhood became a background when he entered the world of professional cooking. This tale of pain and the exhilarating success will make you want seconds.


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