5 signs to know if you like him enough

There are many signs to tell you whether the guy you’ve been seeing is the one for you, or is he your soul mate, should you marry him…and so on. But there are a few tells which lets you know in the beginning itself if you really like that guy enough to continue seeing him.
Just answer these 5 questions honestly and you’ll know the answer:

h213Image source: buzzfeed.com

Does he call you all the time?

Is he the one to call you or text you 90% of the time, with you calling him just once or twice? If you’re really interested in him, you’d be calling him to make plans to meet up just as much as he calls you.

Is he perfect on paper?
Is he perfect on paper, but other things matter as well, just as much as money and looks and family. Throw away the paper and see if you like him as a person and if he’s good to you, because that’s what is going to matter in the long run.

Do you respond to him immediately?
If you reply to his texts and calls and emails immediately, then you do like him. But if you keep delaying replying to him, do you really like him? Honestly now?

Do you have to keep reminding yourself that he’s nice?
If you have to keep reminding yourself that he’s nice, a good guy who deserves a chance, then do you really think you should give him a chance?

Can you spend time alone with him?
When you’re making plans with him, do you include yours or his friends too? If you cannot spend time with him alone, do you think he’s the one?