5 Smartest Uses Of Deodorant (Other Than Your Armpit)

The little stick you carry around in your purse can do a lot more than just freshen up your armpits. You are a brilliant multi-tasker and we’re sure you’d be fonder of your deo if you knew just how much of a multi-tasker it is too. Check out some of the smartest uses of a deodorant:

  1. To Make Your Face Lose That Oily Shine:


Image source: Jennifer graylock/getty images

Dab some of your regular deodorant on your T-Zone i.e. the cheeks, nose and forehead to control that midday shine. It will dry those oily areas just as it keeps your armpits nice and dry. Added advantage: if your use all- natural anti-perspirant, it will prevent acne and breakouts, as they contain mineral salts.


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