5 Things Models Do For Flawless Skin

The glamorous models and who are in the spotlight more often than not have to take care of their skin as part of their profession. But it’s not all about expensive beauty treatments – it’s what they do on a regular basis that gives them their glow.

Ildi Pekar, the aesthetician of Miranda Kerr, Irina Shayk, Lindsay Elingson, to name a few examples, told Popsugar the beauty secrets of models that have faultless skin.


Miranda Kerr

 1. They use toner in the morning.

Instead of using facewash in the morning, they use toner.

“I recommend cleansing your skin at night only,” Pekar suggested. Swapping your face wash for a toner will gently cleanse and refresh your complexion. “Most importantly, it will balance your skin’s pH so it is not too oily and not dry.”

 2. They limit their sugar intake and maintain a constant weight.

Sugar not only leads to many diseases, but according to Pekar, it causes breakouts and actually speeds up aging, prematurely showing wrinkles and fine lines. The sugar in your bloodstream forms molecules that destroy collagen and elastin (which keeps skin firm). A fluctuating weight takes a toll on skin as the skin stretches out, affecting your appearance.

3. They exercise.

“When you exercise, blood and nutrients rush to the surface of your skin, stimulating it and keeping your appearance young and healthy!” says Pekar. All the more reason to hit the gym, ladies.

4.They moisturize and keep hydrated daily.

“I preach to my clients that the key to healthy skin is hydration,” Pekar revealed. Drinking water and regularly applying moisturizer will keep your skin radiant, clear, and wrinkle free.

5. They get monthly facials.

“You can heal your skin and prevent a lot of damage receiving monthly facials,” Pekar said. “Most people wait until they have the problem to treat it, but they should just take the basic steps in caring for it to prevent it.”


Source: www.popsugar.com