This 5- year- old finds her mother drowning in the pool. What the security camera caught next will stun you!

Being a child means a life of freedom form worries and cares and responsibilities. No one expects a 5-year-old to take mature, adult decisions in tricky situations. Tracy Anderwald’s daughter Allison, surprised everyone by her swift decision and action, which saved her mother’s life.

To beat the summer heat, the mother and daughter decided to go swimming at a friend’s pool. Unfortunately, Tracy suffered from a stroke in the pool and blacked out, with her face down. Little Allison saw her mother face down in the water. Instead of panicking, she kept her wits about her and stepped up to the plate. She dragged her mother to the shallow end of the pool and flipped her over so that she could breathe. Then she ran inside to get help. Her brave and intelligent action saved her mother from drowning in the pool.

This just goes to show that we should never under-estimate our children. They can display great courage and presence of mind when the opportunity arises.

Watch the video and see the brave little girl in action:

Source: YouTube / Inside Edition