6 Beauty Pick- Me- Ups You Must Try

It’s just one of those days – when you get up in the morning and take a look at your face and blehhh! Your mood goes bleh too along with your dull face. Thank God for make-up. I love the way a little make-up does the trick. These beauty pick-me-ups perk up my face and my mood. Check out to see what you can do with a few little dabs here and there:

Image source: pinkmelon.de


  1. Fake a glow:

Add a little bronzer to your moisturizer and get a little warmth in your skin. You can also use face IlLuminators like the one from Revlon and be done with it! Or just pinch your cheeks to get a little color in them!

2. Spruce up your hair:

Spend a nice long time in front of the mirror to try out different hairstyles. Choose one which is comfortable and stylish and wait for the compliments to pour in.

3. Don’t forget your eyes:

Just a little mascara will make your eyes look great. You don’t have to spend hours putting on eyeliner. A waterproof mascara will do wonders for your eyelashes.


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