6 Reasons Why Every Woman MUST Include Flax Seeds In Her Diet

The benefits of flax seeds are numerous, especially for women. These little crunchy seeds are packed with nutrition and have a wide range of health benefits from glowing skin to balancing your hormones. Read on to find out why you must include flax seeds in your diet:

Flax Seeds


  1. Glowing skin and fantastic hair:


Vitamin B, minerals and healthy fats – these ingredients in flax seeds keeps your skin glowing and hair fantastic. Acne, rosacea and eczema can be kept at bay by eating just 1 tablespoon of flax seeds every day, as they have a high anti-inflammatory index.

2. Flaxseeds help your body to absorb nutrients from food:


Due to the presence of mucilage gum, a water-soluble gel forming fiber, flax seeds give incredible support to your intestinal tract. The food stays longer in your stomach and thus the maximum nutrients can be extracted by the body.


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