7 Celeb Kids Who Are Already Screwing Up Their Lives

Attaining fame at a young age is exciting but harsh, as these kids can testify. The media is constantly scrutinizing their every move, especially if they happen to fall out of line. Everyone screws up when young, the difference being that the spotlight is not on us. For a child star or a child of celebrity parents, these foibles are played out on a much bigger stage. Let’s take a look at these seven kids who can’t seem to get a handle on their lives:

7 Celeb Kids Who Are Already Screwing Up Their LivesImage source: Getty Images

  1. Chet Hanx

1Chet HanxImage source: Getty Images

He’s Tom Hank’s rapper son who claims he’s famous for his un-happening rapper rhymes. He seems to live in his own world and nobody’s been able to make him see sense that the slang rapper terms he uses just does not apply to him. He refuses to accept his very white, very privileged background!



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