7 Essential Life Lessons You Never Learn in School!

Navigating the grown up world is a tricky thing. When you’re out there on your own, you need much more than good grades. You need to be able to handle successfully everything that life throws at you. The world is changing constantly and if you have these 7 life skills you are sure to rise to every occasion.

Here are these vital life skills that you are never taught in school:


  1. Happiness:

Children should be taught how to be happy on their own and not depend on others to find happiness. Reading books, developing an imaginative mind, finding their passion – these must be encouraged by parents and teachers alike. Learning to be happy by oneself is extremely important in today’s world where every person is busy in his / her work and life. No one can expect to get the most important thing – time, from their friends and family easily. So realizing that it is possible to be happy alone is a valuable life lesson.

2. Independence:

Children must be consciously taught to be independent. This can be done by allowing them to take decisions on their own and make their own mistakes. Being able to rely on oneself is a valuable quality a person can have.


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