8 types of shoes which reveal if he’s date worthy

A lot can be revealed about a man from his shoes. The personality of a man can be gauged by taking one look at his shoes. It’s the fastest way to tell if a man is reliable, dependable, contemporary, image conscious et al.

Does he have good taste or is he a fashion rebel? If a man’s shoes are unclean or dirty, would you go out with him? ‘coz if he isn’t particular about being seen in dirty shoes, would he take care of you properly?

Take a look at what a choice of these shoes mean and you can decide which kind of guy you’d like to go out with:

1. White sneakers: Can be seen on geeks and nerds who are not really fashionable. You can go for this guy, provided you like geeks.

2. Black Sneakers: Belong to trendy, hip men, who know what’s in.

3. Colored sneakers / shoes: Meant for students, but a professional sporting this look means he’s not the type to stick to conventions and will always be ‘studenty’ at heart. Expensive designer colored shoes might mean he’s fashion conscious and high maintenance.

4. Brogues: Brown brogues have been around for years and means dependability. Usually seen on successful men who have a good position in society. Scuffed shoes means he’s not good at domestic chores and a well-kept pair of shoes means he’ll keep you and his shoes in good order.

5. Sandals: Sandals belong to the beach and shouts casual wear. If a man is always in sandals, maybe he’s too casual and easy going. Definitely should not show up for a first date in sandals!

6. Suede ankle boots: Aggressive yet understated, and if he’s wearing them with the right clothes, means he’s detail oriented and desirable.

7. Black dress shoes: This guy respects himself, and hopefully will treat you also with respect. If his shoes are polished, means he cares about things.

8. Shiny patent leather shoes: A man who loves shiny patent leather shoes might turn out to be superficial and like good wine and women!


A look at some well-dressed celebs who got it right:


Bradley Cooper


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