9 confusing movie endings explained

Some movie makers like to keep their audience guessing about the end. Or maybe they’d like you to be more involved and so they keep the ending open – you’re free to think what you’d like, but even in the confusion lies the subtle answer which you’ve got to spot. And if you haven’t let us clear the endings of these famous movies, which had everybody beguiled.

  1. Inception


Christopher Nolan’s hit film left audiences thoroughly confused. Just as the top is about to spin out and tumble, the screen cuts to black. The director deliberately left the end open for us – those who would like to think he’s got his children back; they can do that those who would prefer for him to continue in the dream world, they could. You’d be right, either way. Or so you’d think if you focused on the top, which is classic mis-direction by the director. The top is Leo’s wife’s totem and his totem is the ring. At the end of the movie, he’s not wearing the ring, so it means he’s in the real world, happy with his children. The end.


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