9 Habits Of Emotionally Intelligent People

It has become widely accepted that emotional intelligence plays a huge role in our success, at work and in all other areas of our lives. Emotional intelligence is a person’s ability to identify and master his / her own emotions and manage those of others. It has been revealed as a secret in recent times that people who harness their emotions and can use them positively have unlimited success professionally and personally.  The good news is that you can develop your emotional intelligence unlike IQ.  Let’s a take a look at 8 habits of highly emotionally intelligent people which sets them apart and try to develop these:


  1. They are positive people:

Highly emotionally intelligent people always focus on the positive. Rather than dwell on problems, they make a conscious decision to spend their energy focusing on solutions. This diverts their energy and lets them focus on what is within their control.

2. They stay away from the negative:

They are typically easy-going but they understand that they must stay away from negativity. They know to stay away from negative people who are nothing but a drain on energy.


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