Has this ballet company gone to the dogs??

Yes, but in a good way. The life of ballet dancers is hard, as we have seen in numerous movies ranging from Billy Elliot to Black Swan. The rigorous routine of practice and performance to dance in the most elegant manner takes a toll. So the American Ballet Theatre has been doing a wonderful thing – allowing ballerinas to bring their dogs to work, since the 1980s. The pointe shoes seem to go well with puppies. Cats are allowed to come too, of course.


Image source: Instagram

Kelly Ryan, company spokesperson told Buzzfeed news about their “bring your dogs to work” policy. It started when dancers undertook long performance tours in the 8os, and instead of putting the dogs in boarding, the company invited dog owning dancers to bring them along. The staff is encouraged to bring their dogs and cats as well.


Image source: Instagram

Ryan said the dancers begin their days at 10:15 a.m. and they don’t end their days until 7 p.m. They don’t have to worry about their dogs if they’re with them, it’s one less thing they have on their minds. The dogs hang around the studio too, and according to Ryan, they’re very well-behaved. The dogs add to the “family-like” atmosphere which the company likes to promote, according to Ryan.

“It really just adds to the warmth and humanity of this atmosphere, of being in the arts and working toward a goal,” Ryan adds. “Everyone is together and supports one another, and the dogs support the dancers, their owners, just by being here.”

They even play a part. They accompany a noble hunting party who visit Giselle’s village, in the ballet, Giselle.


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