Beauty parlor stroke syndrome is real – scary but true!

According to Buzzfeed, hyperextension of the neck can cause the arteries to get torn or cut, leading to a stroke.

scary but true1

“When one of those cervical arteries is damaged in some sort of way, you can get what’s called a dissection, which is damage of the inside of the blood vessel, leading to abnormal flow and clotting, and then those clots can shoot north into the brain and cause a stroke,” Steven R. Zeiler, MD, PhD, head of stroke research at Johns Hopkins, told Buzzfeed.

This is very rare, and doctors aren’t very sure whether it’s the rough handling by a stylist or the bent neck that causes the stroke, and the chances of a car accident are much higher, still, you can no longer ignore that uncomfortable salon sink. You must ask for the salon to provide extra support to your neck with pads or towels. And prevent the beauty parlor stroke syndrome.


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