Your Bilingual Child Will Have Better Social Skills, Say Scientists

Being bilingual may give your child an edge, say scientists. They believe that bilingual children have better cognitive abilities. Though it’s shocking to know, truth is, till the early 20th century, “experts” believed that being bilingual interfered with a child’s intellectual and academic development.

A child who is fluent in two (bilingual) or more (multilingual) languages is ‘smarter’ and can add “better social skills” to the many benefits.

A recent study conducted at the University of Chicago found that bilingual children were better than monolingual children at communicating because it was easier for them “to consider someone else’s perspective to understand their meaning.”*

Say Scientists1

Even if a child does not speak two languages but are exposed regularly to an environment in which another language is spoken, for example grandparents who speak with each other in a different language, the child becomes better at social communication.

Say Scientists


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