Candy Lo – 50 Year Old Model Who Looks Half Her Age

Candy Lo is yet another example of a woman who has maintained herself so well that she looks half her age. Looking at her photos, you’d hardly think that she is 50. Yes 50. She’s like a ray of hope for the rest of us that age is truly just a number. At an age when most women start letting go, thinking that they’re no longer relevant, Candy has proved everyone wrong.


Candy looks as though she’s in her prime. She’s in the spotlight and not only has she aged gracefully, she seems to not have aged at all. If her age is not revealed, she would just be accepted as a beautiful young woman in her twenties

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She’s foxed everyone by not outing her secret – is it her beauty regimen or eating healthy or exercise or just plain good genes. It might be a combination of all three. She has actually won Miss Asia Beauty Pageant in 1991. She has always been beautiful, that much we know.


But she spent her life not being obsessed with her looks, but she was a full-time mother to three children, the oldest being 20 years old. But after her children grew up, she realized she could continue with her earlier modeling career. She published a book of her photos and dared to wear bikinis and sexy dresses apart from gorgeous gowns.

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Well, a big thumbs up to you lady! It’s great to see a woman who is 50 reveling in her looks and enjoying her new found independence!

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