Why You Can’t Be “Just Friends” With A Guy

Can you be truly friends with a guy? Historically, it was considered blasphemous. Men and women had their own social groups and never “hung” out together. But with time all that has changed and men and women now study and work together in an integrated society. You can have a friend of the opposite sex but can you really be BFFs? Let’s take a look at why that is almost impossible.


  1. Guys can be friends with guys but cannot be friends with women for the simple fact that they would not be their real selves – he’s not going to fart in front of her, talk about babes and just hide his gross self. He’ll have his mask on, though it may not be done consciously.

2. Guys can’t help thinking about sex all the time or most of the time, because that’s the way they’re made. It a basic chemical / hormonal difference between men and women and cannot be ignored nor suppressed. Most guys try to change a platonic situation into physical one by hook or by crook and you can’t really blame them for it. Not talking about forceful physical relationship here, ladies, that’s just abuse.

3. Researchers have found that men over perceive sexual interest from women at least three times in a year while women underpercieve sexual interest from men. This is due to the theory of natural selection. A man’s need to sow his seed is vital and he can’t miss opportunities, whether consciously or unconsciously.


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