Cell Phone Use At Night Might Make You Blind, Discover Doctors

Checking your cell phone at night may cause temporary blindness, doctors discovered. The phenomenon came to light, when two women, aged 22 and 44,  in UK, reported temporary vision loss in one eye, which occurred late at night or early morning, for fifteen minutes at a time.


Image source: Syda Productions / Shutterstock

Doctors were unable to figure out why at first, as MRI scans, heart tests and a plethora of other tests came up negative. The mystery was solved at the Moorfield’s  Eye Hospital when the doctor simply asked them what they were doing at the time.

Their answer “checking their cell phone” blew open the case. He explained that while lying down on one side and checking their smartphone, one eye was covered by the pillow.  So one eye was adapted to the dark, and one eye to light. The temporary blindness was caused in the eye used to look at the cell phone, because this eye took time to catch up with the other eye which was exposed to darkness.


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