Cell Phone Use At Night Might Make You Blind, Discover Doctors


The blue light emitted from cell phones has been linked to heart disease, obesity and cancer. It also hampers sleep, as numerous studies have shown.

One doctor found that due to the increase of LED screens at night, the retina of 35 year old patients resembled that of 75 year olds. With the increase of exposure to blue light at night, doctors have found that eye condition has deteriorated in people.

Many people, including yours truly who check their cell phones in the dark while lying on one side, need to at least change their position while checking FB or playing  games on the phone. According to Dr. Gordon Plant of Moorfield’s Hospital, temporary blindness can be avoided by looking at the screen with both eyes.

But he adds that this will not protect you from eye damage as smartphone usage is increasing around the clock and smartphone companies are increasing the brightness of the phones.

Why not just leave the light on or better still totally avoid checking phones before sleeping?

Check out this video from Business Insider to learn more about the effects of checking your cell phone before sleeping:

Source: YouTube / Business Insider

Sources: The Guardian, Business Insider, Harvard.edu


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