The Cinderella Light-Up Dress Which Lit Up The Met Gala Awards

The met gala has the celebs sweating every year as they try to outdo each other with their dresses. They try their hardest to stand out and be the most original. This year Taylor Swift was the one who shocked everyone with her edgy outfit and Kim Kardashian came dressed as a robot with Kanye West in colored contacts and made everyone sit up. Beyonce had to cover herself in lubricant to slip into her $8,000 dress.

But it was Claire Danes who stole the limelight. Her dress literally shone in the dimmed lights.



According to the theme of the night, Manus x Machina: Fashion in an age of technology, Claire Danes and fashion designer Zac Posen amazed everyone by recreating a centuries old design into a modern, futuristic one.



The designer had to create a special fabric to make the dress. Fibre optic cables were woven into the material and they had to sew thirty mini batteries into the dress and were connected to a switch inside of the dress. It took 600 hours to make the dress. Was it worth it? Looks like it certainly was as Claire Danes upstaged pretty damn everybody on the red carpet.