How To Deal With Rude Behavior Effectively

You can’t ever imagine being deliberately rude to people. But there are other inconsiderate people who think nothing of saying and doing hurtful things without a second thought. You were brought up to be always polite and on your best behavior so you can’t imagine others can be rude to you. Being in an environment where you were not allowed to be sassy definitely did not equip you to deal with impolite people. What do you do if someone is rude to you, or is looking for a chance to put you down?


  1. Say ‘Thanks’

They will never expect that from you. It’s nice to thoroughly confuse a rude person. He / she will keep wondering whether you are sassing them or being serious. Don’t wait long enough for them to think of a comeback, though! Let them toss and turn in bed, for once thinking what to say.


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