How To Deal With Rude Behavior Effectively


4. Say “We’ll talk about this later”

When anyone talks unpleasantly, you have a strong urge to reply in the same vein. You might have noticed that if you do that, you are left with a bitter feeling and you may regret it later. The best thing is to avoid the person and keep quiet. Just keep your calm, turn away and say that you would talk later. This answer also foxes rude people because they know they cannot keep behaving in a horrible manner the entire time without any consequences.

Of course, this kind of behavior among children is known a bullying, but bullying can happen at any point in life. Mean and unpleasant people are out there and you don’t have to accept their unkind behavior. Know that there is nothing wrong with you; you are a gentle and nice person which often gets mistaken as a sign of weakness. Being polite is often misconstrued as being unable to stand up for yourself. Be strong and calm and do not let another person’s rude behavior spoil your day.  Just ignore them and find like-minded people and enjoy their company.


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