Fashion Tips To Make You Look Slim

You probably exercise and maintain a healthy diet but if you dress wrong, you might look bulky and unfit. Luckily fashion gurus have come up with some styling tips which would make you look slimmer and fit. You can follow these tips and look fitter without any effort.

There are a few basic body shapes: Apple, Pear, Hourglass, Rectangle, Inverted Triangle and Straight. Achieving the perfect balance between the top and lower part of your body is how you get the slimming effect. Here’s how to do that for all the body shapes plus some more tips on the use of color, proportion and styling tips:

Inverted Triangle Shape


For an Inverted Triangle Shape i.e. if you have a full bust or broad shoulders, choose a clothing style which minimizes your upper half and enhances the lower. You could choose bright colored jeans, pants or skirts and neutral colored tops and shirts. Shoulder pads are a strict no-no for this body type.


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