How to get rid of dry, chapped lips

Chapped lips can happen in any weather, and in winter the problem escalates as we drink less water and dehydration is one of the reasons of chapped, dry lips. If you keep licking your lips, you might end up with lips which are dry and peeling off. There are a few natural remedies for chapped lips which are easy and provide you with a long term solution


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Drinking Water.

Drinking plenty of water will keep many problems at bay, including chapped lips. Your body will be hydrated and lips will be soft and smooth.

Use Cucumber.

Cucumber acts like a miracle on dry lips – it makes your lips lighter by removing any dark patches and heals the dryness too. Just cut the cucumber into slices and hold it on your lips for 15 minutes or rub the cucumber on your lips and wash after 15 minutes.

Use any vitamin E rich natural oil.

Oils like coconut oil, olive oil and almond oil are rich in vitamin E and have softening properties. The fatty acids in these oils nourish the lips and get rid of the dryness. Apply any of these oils on your lips before sleeping and wake up to smooth lips in the morning.

Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera has antioxidants and its natural healing properties heal the cracks in your lips in no time. Applying an aloe vera gel regularly can provide much-needed protection for your lips as it keeps the natural layer of your lips intact.

What not to do to?

Avoid licking your lips as this causes the acidic saliva to dry out your lips and makes them cracked. Avoid acidic and spicy food if your lips are chapped as this may lead to inflammation and pain.