Have You Dubsmashed Yet?


What is Dubsmash?

Dubsmash is a video messaging mobile application for Android and Apple phones which allows users to lip-sync to their favorite movie clips or record videos over the sounds / soundtracks of their favorite movie, or those which have been uploaded by other users. Developed by a small team of developers from Germany, Daniel Taschik, Roland Grenke, and Jonas Druppel and launched in November 2014, it has been downloaded 10 million times since then.


After selecting an audio clip, you can record your own video to play with the sound you have chosen, and then you can share it with others via Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram or even via a text message. Some of the famous audio clips available on Dubsmash are Saturday Night Live, Blackadder, Austin Powers, Superbad, etc. There are clips from the popular chart hits, operas and musicals.


It’s so simple to use that hundreds of thousands of videos uploaded on Instagram are by children, according to BBC reports.


But, there could be legal issues. If you want to play it safe, just share your video clip with only a few people through text messages or email. If you are sharing on Facebook, then make sure that you only share it with a limited number of people. And if you really want to distribute a video that you have made, use sounds like animal sounds or any audio that you have created yourself.


If you want to watch really funny Dubsmash videos, type

 or just type Dubsmash Compilation –Dubsmash Videos

You could find these celebrities on Instagram who have uploaded their Dubsmash videos:

Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, Hugh Jackman, Lena Dunham, Adam Levine, Kate Upton and Justin Verlander and many others.

Please do not upgrade to Dubsmash 2 as it is a malware.