A Heartbroken Mother Shared This To Warn Others

You can do anything for your child. You try to give the best care possible. When a child is ill, parents make every attempt that he or she gets better. But when there is no explanation when a child falls ill again and again, parents are scared out of their wits.

This happened to Simone, a mother with a young son. He used to be sick for weeks, would get better, only to be very ill again.

Everything was fine with him and the reason eluded them. She was confused and after checking everything thoroughly, she found that the reason was his anti-leaking sippy cup. She found that it had a very unpleasant smell. She forced open the sealed lid and found mold inside! That was the reason of her son falling ill so frequently.


She was heartbroken as her son used it all the time! He had been drinking from the moldy cup which was giving him nausea and stomach aches.

She knew it might be happening to other mothers too and posted online to warn about the dangers of sippy cups. Brands like “Tommee Tippy” and Sistema Twist n Sip were shown to have molds in their lids.


These lids are tightly sealed and not meant to be cleaned which is why mold could grow inside. They have to be pried open with a sharp knife in order to open.

Simone’s post got a lot of response from other horrified mothers who checked their kids’ sippy cups and found mold growing inside.

Mold causes coughing, eye and skin irritation, vomiting, intestinal problems, diarrhea.

If your child has been falling sick often, maybe you should check his sippy cup.

Source: YouTube