How to blast away your belly fat with a Hula Hoop

Remember the fun you used to have with your Hula Hoop. You loved showing off your Hula Hoop skills to your friends. But now, you can use it to tone your whole body – it can trim your belly, strengthen your abs and obliques. You just have to learn the right moves before using your hula hoop. Here’s some tips how to use the hula hoop to your advantage.

  1. Getting the right hula hoop:

1Getting the right hula hoopimage

You have to decide which hula hoop to get. There are three types of hula hoop – Polypro hula hoop, weighted hula hoop with massage elements, regular hula hoop. For beginners, we recommend the regular hula hoop, especially if you like dynamic movements. The heavier the hoop is, the less energy you spend on moving it, so you have spin your hoop longer. The massage elements will help you get rid of extra weight on your waist and tone your obliques.



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