The husky she rescued, rescued Her from an extremely abusive relationship

The decisions we take in life sometimes have unexpected results. When 22-year old Amanda Tromp adopted her dog Kyro, she never imagined that one day he would be her savior. She fell in love with him at the shelter and bottle-fed him and looked after him.

At home, Amanda’s ex’s violence got worse – he used her like a “human punch bag” and her only respite was taking Kyro for long walks.

One day, her boyfriend turned on Kyro.

But Tromp heroically saved Kyro from him. It was then, that she realized she could step out of her abusive relationship.

“If he hadn’t been there in that situation, I don’t know what would have happened,” Tromp reflected in an interview. I had completely shut myself off from everyone – it was like I couldn’t really see what was going on.”

Tromp now spends her time documenting her adventures with Kyro, finally overcoming the effects of her traumatic past.





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