Ice Cream And Gelato, Sorbet And Sherbet – What’s The Difference Between Your Favorite Frozen Treats

“Gelato” does mean ice cream in Italian but the difference is more than the meaning. Sorbet and sherbet have different spellings and have totally different compositions. Want the complete scoop? Read on to find out how your favorite frozen desserts differ from each other.



Gelato has a custard base like its American cousin the ice cream, but it’s denser and glossier due to less milk and less air churned into it while freezing. Gelatos only have 20% air and is churned more slowly, and that is why is more expensive than ice cream. It’s also served at a warmer temperature than ice cream which makes it softer and glossier. Having less milk translates to having less fat, so gelatos are often preferred by those trying to lose weight.

Ice Cream

ice cream

According to USDA guidelines, ice cream is required to have 10% milk fat. Ice cream also needs to churned while freezing. Though it has a higher fat content, ice cream remains a top favorite frozen dessert in the world.  Ice cream ahs 60% air which makes it cheaper to manufacture and is much softer than gelato.


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