Jeggings Are Here To Stay

Jeggings are here to stay, ladies. This week Merriam-Webster added jeggings to its list of words. This is the meaning of jeggings, if you didn’t already know it!

jeggings (n.)    Definition: a legging that is designed to resemble a tight-fitting pair of denim jeans and is made of a stretchable fabric.

Oxford University Press and Cambridge English Dictionary had already added jeggings last year.

Did you know that Jeggings TM is the registered brand name owned by the Turkish company ISKO, a division of Sanko Holding, who were the original producers of the stretch textile?

Jeggings first came on the scene in 2009 and were the craze in 2010 and have managed to last till now. It’s in-between leggings and denim and unlike leggings, can be worn like denims, i.e. they can be worn with tops or loose t-shirts. But then again, if your jeggings is more like leggings (without pockets), wear them with a long top or t-shirt, basically something which is longer than mid-waist hitting tops.

Jeggings are extremely versatile depending on what you pair them with. For the summer, pair jeggings with summer tops and flat sandals.

For the fall / winter, pair them with an oversized sweater and boots. You could even wear knee high or thigh high boots with them.

They’re great to go clubbing in too. Just throw on your favorite black top, accessories and a jacket if you want to. Don’t forget your favorite pair of heels and you’re ready to go!