Jennifer Anniston’s Beauty Advice To Her Younger Self Would Be…

Jennifer Anniston’s gorgeous natural beauty is awesome. Her glowing skin never fails to gain our admiration. The 47 year old beauty wishes she could give her younger self a piece of beauty advice, as she revealed in an interview to Glamour.  She admitted that it would have been “so worth it”.


Left: Jennifer in her Rachel days   Right: Jennifer now

“I always think, ‘Why didn’t someone make me wear sunscreen?'” she told Glamour. “Again, it comes back to being young and thinking I was invincible – I thought that dewy, tanned skin would just stay beautiful but you have to protect it.I understand it’s not easy, it’s hard to keep remembering and reapplying but it’s so worth it.”

Anniston admitted that she was pretty careless when she was younger: “I remember during teenage years and even in my twenties, I kind of thought I … could eat all the crap in the world, but it affected my skin. I had a few more blemishes and sometimes an uneven tone,” she continued.


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