Do You Know The Amount Of Sugar In These Favorite “Healthy” Foods?

You’d never suspect the amount of sugar packed in these so-called healthy foods. Oh, you’re so happy that you’ve changed your unhealthy eating habits but surprise – if you’ve stopped reading the label, after you read this you’ll want to check every single thing you consume. Here’s a list of food items which are considered to be good substitutes, when in fact they are adding to your sugar consumption.

  1. Granola bars:


Image source: Photograph By 4kodiak/Getty Images

Excess sugar can damage your liver, brain and libido. If you’re always tired and you pop one granola bar for energy, stop right there. Granola bars have 7 -12 grams of sugar! That’s more sugar than in a doughnut, so choose granola bars with less than 7g of sugar and a list of ingredients that you can actually understand.

2. Protein bars:


            Protein bars are worse – they contain 17g – 24g of sugar. Didn’t know that did you? Might as well have a Snickers bar if you have to have that amount of sugar. At least, you know you’re eating something loaded with sugar. And it’s easy to get addicted to energy bars as sugar gives the same high as cocaine, according to studies.


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