If you laugh when you tickle yourself means you can be susceptible to this mental disorder

How has science verified such claims?

It’s a mystery why we are unable to tickle ourselves. Scientists tried to dig deeper into this mystery in 2000. They discovered that only those with mental disorders could do this extremely impossible thing. Giggling by tickling oneself is not funny at all. In fact, it’s now considered to be a symptom of some level of schizophrenia.


The lead researcher of the 2000 study, Sarah Jane Blakemore found that the brains of schizophrenic people did not have the ability of obstruct the consequence of self-action. That means that they cannot link the intent and movement with the resulting action, thus making them mistake self-generated thoughts and movement as external, leading them to think that they are external changes in their environment.

This is the prime reason for hallucination and paranoia.

A team of French scientists decided to conduct more research on Sarah Blakemore’s findings. Led by Anne Laure Lemaitre, the team presented the study participants with a schizotypal personality disorder test. 397 volunteer students were given the tests in which they were asked if they had any strange experiences and unusual beliefs. Based on their high and low scores, they were divided into two batches of 27 each. And they were tickled by others and asked to tickle themselves.

What they discovered is astounding! ONLY those who displayed schizophrenic tendencies could laugh when they tickled themselves.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll be developing schizophrenia because those who are highly perceptive might show the same symptoms. But it does seem wise to get yourself checked by a psychiatrist if you can tickle yourself!


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