Living Jewelry – Long Lasting Accessories That Grow When Worn

Succulents are the latest obsession with plant lovers these days. You can find it everywhere, in hip coffee joints, within minimalistic home décor and almost all restaurants boast of a succulent in their décor. They are easy to maintain and look cool, as is evident from the many photos uploaded on Insta by people with their coffee mug next to a succulent. Now, a florist Susan Mcleary has taken this succulent trend to another level altogether.

Living Jewelry 1

Susan Mcleary has designed living jewelry – that grows as you wear it. Each piece is handmade and is picked from her family’s greenhouse or from a few local businesses. This living jewelry, however, is not for everyday use, being extremely delicate.

Check out this gorgeous crown made with real succulents

Living Jewelry 2


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