They Lost Everything Because Of A Simple Facebook Post

This couple learnt the hard way not to trust everything that is posted on the net. The British couple Mark Higgins and Becky Szenk were a happy couple with an adorable child. They had just got engaged and wanted to move closer to Mark’s office which was about 13 km from where they lived.


Becky found a movers and packers online from Facebook. The company looked legit, had photos of earlier work and the feedback was positive. She liked everything about them and gave them a call. She was asked to speak to a person called Lee Green.

Two men came with a van and they finished packing in just 45 minutes.

Becky thought that they were real pros : “They stormed in and out of the apartment. We just thought that they were professional.”

The only weird thing: they didn’t ask them for the new address where their stuff would go. They took off with every single thing they had.


The couple was devastated. In just 45 minutes, they lost EVERYTHING! They even took the baby’s toys and their personal photos and mementos which can never be replaced with money.

“I’ve never cried so much as I did on that day. I feel so distraught because they’ve taken my engagement ring and even the baby’s toys.”

The only thing they had left was the TV as they kept it thinking it might break.

It’s the saddest thing that could happen to a person – losing an entire life just because of a bad choice.

It’s best to use reputed movers and packers, who have a big presence online and otherwise, if we want to avoid such a thing happening to us.