The Aberdeen University research also proved an astonishing thing – MRIs men married to intelligent women showed signs of dementia but the men did not display any symptoms associated with the disease! Professor Whalley said: “If you look at the kind of people who should have dementia but don’t show symptoms, they are highly intelligent people in high-powered jobs. They also have a lot of money in the bank.”

A brainy bride challenges her spouse mentally and just to keep up with her, a man has to be alert. Many previous studies have shown that crossword puzzles and visiting museums, or any kind of ‘intellectual stimulation’ keeps dementia at bay.

Moreover, women love to talk. Studies have shown a phenomenon called ‘neural coupling’ which occurs when two people talk. The listening brain begins to fire in a pattern that matches that of the speaker – only it fires before the speaker’s brain. In other words, the person listening begins to anticipate what will be said next. This leads to building a stronger connection with time and stronger understanding. How’s that for intellectual stimulation?


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