This Is What It Means For You If Your Heart Lines Match Up!

Palm reading is an ancient art that developed in India and China. Both Alexander and Aristotle used it to their benefit. Palm lines can provide insight about your personality, tell your fate too. But in this article we will be focusing on the personality aspect. Let’s find out what your hand says about you.


Mostly the lines of just one palm are read, the heart line considered to be one of the important lines. The heart line is the upper of the two horizontal lines on your hand, i.e. the one at the base of your fingertips.

What does it mean if you join both your hands and your heart lines match up?

If the line of the left hand is higher, it means that you are not very interested in love. You are an independent person and can assert yourself. You do not require love to fulfill you, that is, you can do without love.

If the line of the right hand is higher than the left, it means you are a good lover. You’re also an old soul looking for other old souls. You are wise beyond your years. You don’t care about what society thinks about you, and you lead a free life.

And if both the lines match perfectly, it means you are a calm and caring person. You’re also a great parent and love changes.

As for me, my lines do match and I’m not at all a calm person – flying off the handle is more my style. As for being a good parent, only time will tell!

How about you? Did you match your lines? How true was the personality prediction for you?

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