For Amanda Kalidy and her daughter Jenna, it was a routine errand trip to target which took a shocking turn. The little girl Jenna was being continuously approached by a girl of the same age, trying to give her candy. Jenna refused but the little girl, who was about 9 years of age, was quite persistent.


The mother Amanda describes how it happened at Target:

 “I have to post this as a reminder to all moms. I was at Target when a girl [who was] about nine years old kept approaching my daughter. I didn’t think much at first. But she was pretty persistent, so I got irritated and told her that my daughter didn’t want any candy and we kept walking.

She got upset with me and as I went to check out she came up again trying to get Jenna to take some gum. I looked over and a man was across the store signaling to her. I told the cashier and he called the manager, which then they both bolted and got into a van.”


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